Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Internet Safety

Article: I chose to read "Rated A" by Elder Marvin J. Ashton


One thing that stood out to me on the documentary was how much our words can affect others. We need to make sure that what we read, see, type, etc. does not negatively affect others. As future teachers, we need to make sure that we instruct students how they should treat others in person and when they are not around. This would include things we might say or type about others. It is important to be careful about what we post online. It can be viewed by millions. We need to make sure that the information we post online is not misleading or contain too much personal information.

I also enjoyed reading President Bednar's talk. I thought that it made some very good points. As children of God, we need to respect out bodies and those of others. We need to understand the importance of our bodies in the Plan of Salvation. There are so many ways we can abuse out bodies. As an essential part of the Plan of Salvation, we need to make sure we view ourselves as children of God.

In the article "Rated A," Elder Marvin J. Ashton pointed out that we are responsible for the material that enters into our lives. We have control over what we choose to view or not view. Ashton states, "Because I recognize that there will always be opposition in all things, I suspect that we will not soon see the day when obscenity in its various forms will be entirely eliminated. But I have faith that it can be fully eliminated in the lives of quality individuals. I firmly believe that most thinking people can be inspired to strive for the A rating by choosing wholesome, worthwhile literature, art, and habits."


For "doing" section of this assignment, I talked to my mom about internet safety. She has always been very wary of the information she receives and posts online. She understands that her information can go through millions of peoples computers everyday and as such, she tries to take the necessary precautions to make sure that her personal information is protected. When using public computers, she makes sure to log out of her email and other accounts online. At home, she has set up a firewall to block out unwanted websites that contain degrading material.

I shared with her the talk I read by David A. Bednar and how he talked about children of God. We discussed how so many people have gone against the Plan of Happiness by abusing their rights to their body. We talked about pornography and how it can destroy lives. My mom thought it was such a terrible thing that it can be so easily accessed online, even when you are not looking for it, sometimes it just pops up. Knowing my mom, she will probably have this conversation with me and my siblings several times as well as sharing the information with other members of the church she associates with.

Watched the videos and read all 5 articles!

I completed the online course evaluation on route y and the course feedback survey. I also checked my grades on moodle and they are correct!

TPACK assignment

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

3 lessons

and i taught the literacy lesson in class.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

week 10 videos response

After watching the videos, I was amazed at how easily the students were able to grasp all the concepts. It was always difficult for me to comprehend how easily children pick up on all the new technology coming out these days. One important thing I learned from these videos was how varied the lessons were. Technology is an important aspect in teaching lessons. Not only is it engaging and interesting, it changes the “normal” style of teaching so students are more actively involved; especially if they have the opportunity to participate in using the technology. It can be used for more than just researching or writing papers. The technology available to us, as educators, has increased so much that we can use it for teaching any subject; whether it be math, science, language arts, social studies, or even P.E. Technology adapts to our lessons and makes the lesson more captivating and engaging for students and teacher. Being in the practicum this month has allowed me to experience this first hand in the classroom. Each day students use technology for a reading program online and for math. It has been an interesting and new experience for me to see it utilized so easily in the classroom.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

technology available

This week I have learned how essential and useful technology really is in the classroom. They have so many things in the schools now that I never had when in elementary school. Instead of lunch tickets, each student has a lunch card which they scan in to a machine located in the lunchroom. My elementary school growing up never had document cameras and my first exposure to them was this semester in my management class. I've had experience with overheads but not document cameras. Document cameras save so much time.

In the classroom I am working in, they have access to computers, t.v., cd player, projector, document camera, and many more. I have noticed my teacher utilizing all of these for various activities and to help teach a specific lesson. It's really interesting to see how much technology has really become a part of our lives and how it continues to grow.

I completed the midcourse evaluation, informed consent, and the classroom technology inventory list.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Physical and Chemical Changes

I watched the following voicethreads:

After learning about the different technologies I could use in my classroom, I have become a lot more comfortable with the idea of actually using them in my class for the benefit of my students and myself. I really liked the idea of using voicethread to document the activities because it is a great way of keeping track and record of what we did. I'm also glad that I learned about the electronic microscope a lot more and had the opportunity to use it because I learned how easy and resourceful it can be versus an regular microscope. I enjoyed watching other peers' voicethreads because it gave me great ideas for future lessons using all the different technologies that we have available as teachers!

Monday, October 19, 2009

science challenge week 7

5th grade: physical and chemical changes and plants

For this assignment, I wanted to have the students do a unit of plants by planting seeds and caring for them. They would document the growth by observing the plants. At some point in the unit, we would talk about the different types of plants around the world and use google earth to view at different places and the types of climates that allow for certain plants to grow in those specific areas. We would talk about the physical and chemical changes that occur in plants and use digital microscopes to observe those chemical changes.

For content, we will be focusing on chemical changes in plants for the 5th grade. Pedagogy: we will be observing the chemical changes that take place in plants (ie. leavee changing colors). It will be a good fit with the content because it will allow us to see the differences between chemical and physical change and what is classified as chemical changes. Technology: we will be using digital microscopes to compare the differences between the different colored leaves. It is a good fit for the content and pedagogy because it will help solidify the term (chemical change) and allow students to explore chemical changes.